When we create product with variant it shows on asescending order after we save it and view in app or website the assecending order gets shuffled .. For eg : i m in to food business i open a variant for sweet it has to be 250 grams, 500 grams, 1000 grams aligned while creating it is in proper manner after saving it shows like confusing the customer in technical term i don't no how to explain .. Attaching the snapshot for clear understanding i couldn't even attach the image here 😂😂 looking for more professional website shoopy has to improve a lot in basic things of e-commerce store which is missing in application .. And my variant shows sometimes as 250 in the end and 1000 grams in the middle and 500 grams as first selection Selection must be in dotted / tickbox / dropdown style not as box .. Even when we open variant in main product it shows like this Jilebi - 250 grams in category but after entring inside the product it disappear so in category when products are visible make only product name to visible not weight along with product due to this some customer don't even order and think that minimum order is 1000 grams in certain things it shows 1000 grams weight also after product name like Doodh Peda - 1000 grams.